Welcome to Omocha Matsuri, a festival of toys from a collector of action figures and other such things.

Some of the stuff I collect:
•Tokusatsu S.H.Figuarts
•Select D-Arts
•Select S.H.MonsterArts
•Select Figma
•Tokusatsu Revoltech
•Various Transformers from G1 to now
•3rd Party transforming robots
•Doctor Who
•5-6" Scale Playsets
•Green Lantern
•FANtastic Exclusives by The Four Horsemen


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12th April 2014

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31st March 2014

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Transformers Collectors Club Nexus Prime (formerly Nexus Maximus), outfitted with KO Fansproject Aerial Team Addendage Add-On, DMY Studios D-02 Aerial Team Appendage Add-On Upgrade, and Junkion Blacksmith Blue JB-00 Infinity Warfare Set.

I’m bad a posing.

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22nd March 2014

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Megahouse Toei Hero The Live Space Sheriff Gavan and Bandai S.H.Figuarts Space Sheriffs Gavan G-Type, Sharivan, and Shaider.

Gavan G-Type had a bit of a Luke Skywalker moment unfortunately.

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15th January 2014

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Ultra Star God Series Robots

Phantom Star God KenRiser
Phantom Star God NinRiser
Phantom Star God JuuRiser

Shooting Star God Shark Leaguer

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15th January 2014

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Recently acquired Ultra Star God series mecha.

From Justiriser:
Phantom Star Beast Riseross
Star God Beast Enoh
Star God Beast Ranga
Star God Beast Kouki

From Sazer-X:
Shark Leaguer

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14th January 2014

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Headrobots upgraded Hasbro’s Hardhead, Xorvergon’s Green Iron Patriot, ToyWorld’s Hardbone, and Hasbro’s Onslaught.

Iron Patriot was irreversibly modded to accommodate the upgrade. The figure on it’s own is quite sub par but modding it into a Headmaster vastly improves everything about it.

I also just received Hardbone but wasn’t feeling it as Hardhead and feel it looks vastly improved with any of Headrobot’s HM offerings. Here he’s got their Cerebros head which was intended for Fort Max, but this works so much better for me.

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26th October 2013

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Recent purchase motivated by the revelation of the Legacy Dragonzord.

Recent purchase motivated by the revelation of the Legacy Dragonzord.

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26th September 2013

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28th June 2013

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A mysterious Ranger has appeared!


A mysterious Ranger has appeared!

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22nd June 2013

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Leo Prime and Hunter Optimus Prime.

Looks like Optimus lost the Star Saber.

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